Can cat antler eat amoxicillin

Cats can eat amoxicillin properly when they have angular stomatitis, which has anti-inflammatory effect. However, the owner should be fed with appropriate amount of food, and can not feed the drugs that people eat. However, it is far from enough to rely on amoxicillin alone. Other nursing measures and targeted treatment measures should be taken. Here are the following points to share

          1. Adjust diet            If the cat has got angular inflammation, you can’t give the cat some dry and hard cat food. The dry and hard cat food will cause pain in the cat’s mouth, and may also cause secondary damage to the mouth. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the diet of the cat. You can soak the cat food with warm water or goat milk powder and give the cat some soft liquid food and drink more water.
         2. Vitamin B supplement            Most of the cases of angular stomatitis occur in cats that lack vitamin B. cats, like people, need vitamin B supplementation. Therefore, it is not enough to just feed cats with cat food and fruits and vegetables. In addition, cats need to be fed with pet vitamins such as home vitamin B. in addition, they can quickly and effectively supplement the nutrition of cats and accelerate the recovery of quarrels Inflammation.
        3. Good oral hygiene            After the cat gets the corner inflammation, the mouth will also have bad breath because of inflammation. This can give the cat some oral spray to clean the mouth. It can give the cat to use the pet spray to help the cat reduce halitosis and help the cat to resume the normal oral environment. In the process of raising a cat, if the owner has time, he can use a small toothbrush to brush the cat’s teeth and keep it clean.
       4. Take amoxicillin and antibiotics            If the cat’s angular inflammation is very serious, you need to give the cat some meowan amo to eliminate inflammation. If necessary, you need to take it to the pet hospital for antibiotics. In the later stage, the pet owner needs long-term care.

Post time: Jul-09-2020

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